When design visits heritage


Driven by the desire to promote the region of Hauts-de-France through a collection of sustainable furniture and ethics, the three industrial designers of the collective Æquo – and publishing house of furniture and accessories rooted in its territory. The exhibition feeds on restitutions of their workshops conducted at the Cité during their residency with inhabitantsmaking it possible to understand both the uses of the mining era through emblematic objects, as the landscape before and after the mine.

From this immersion in this heritage and inspiring site, they imagined a line of objects that reflect a past use, aesthetic or technique, such as: soliflore Where lamp in the form of slag heaps, pegs repeating the pattern of bricks settlements, tapestry, tattoos

To these creations presented for the first time in the exhibition spaces are associated with other productions by local or international designers in order to open up a reflection on the universal value of history and the lives of the men who devoted themselves to coal mining.

The City of Electricians is the oldest mining town preserved from North of France, registered with Historical monuments since 2009. With the inscription of Mining area to Unesco World Heritage under Cultural, evolving and living landscape on June 30, 2012, it is one of the five major northern mining sites and Pas-de-Calais.

Totally redesigned in its uses and after having been the subject of an ambitious renovation program, with the intervention of the Philippe Prost Architecture Studio, the City of Electricians is since its opening to the public last May, recognized as a place of reference in the discovery of countrysideof urban planning and of mining habitat. Dynamic and forward-looking, it promotes interaction between the inhabitants of the territory and the artists, and brings to life, through the most contemporary creationthe rich mining heritage.

A very rich program completes the exhibition, between the guided tours followed by the “little extra” on Sunday, in the eyes of Aequo children’s workshops.

Equal present ” When design visits heritage » from February 8 to August 9, 2020 at Bruay-La-Bussiere

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