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Explore new territories

Unlike many designers, Vincent Poujardieu did not study in an agency or the studio of a renowned designer. Since the beginning of his career, which began in the 1990s, he has been his only guide, with his curiosity and his passion and appreciates the direct work in RED (research and development) with industrial companies which bring him techniques and materials from elsewhere and with whom he has forged friendly relations. He also works directly with individuals and private clients who wish to acquire an exceptional piece. His experiences with design editors made him realize that this formatted universe of ready-to-use products was simply not his. “The systematic reproduction of an identical operational mode bothers me”confess Vincent Poujardieu who values ​​the transfer of technologies and the diversion of materials, such as composite materials and honeycombs used in aeronautics. “I dissect the material and I keep what interests me. I focus on its very essence to do something else with it”. The honeycomb sandwich materials generally used to manufacture hospital or military units are produced in large dimensions. A godsend for Vincent, who is not afraid of the challenge of excess and the taste for risk!

Go to the unknown

His predilection for experimenting with materials inevitably led Vincent Poujardieu towards the edition of unique pieces or in limited series. search for balance, games of cantilever or solids and voids, the aesthetics of his creations play with the extremes up to the feat. The Z desk, a real technical feat, was made from a 6 m long sandwich panel, produced exclusively by the Euro-Shelter company. “There is no continuity of style in my work. It is the material that guides me. The object, the function is nothing but an encounter with the material”.

Working against the grain

While the trend is towards minimalism, Vincent follows his path. From 2003, he became interested in marble, long before the trend took hold. It was his love of the mountains, geology and nature, his three main sources of inspiration, that made him want to work it in stone, massively like a rock. The Ether marble and glass table weighs 640 kg with 4 legs of 120 kg each and a glass top of 120 kg… Of course, all its very heavy parts can be dismantled for transport. He also revisited the wood assembly system in carpentry and cabinetmaking. of French creation with stone. And his work reconnects with the masters of Italian design who were also architects like Carlo and Tobia Scarpa, Mario Botta, Aldo Rossi or Angelo Mangiarotti, who are talked about a lot today.

Vincent Poujardieu, recently distinguished among the 100 designers of the French Touch by the VIA, will participate with the Gallery OAK, in the 2nd edition of the Collectible fair, bringing together creations in unique pieces and limited editions from publishers and designers from the international scene. It will take place in Brussels from March 14 to 17, 2019. (

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