The Zens brand collaborates with designer Michael Young


Who is Michael Young?

This design adventurer, born in Huddersfield in 1966 in the North of England, graduated from Design School London’s Kingston Polytechnic in product design. He has studied in Tom Dixon’s London studio before flying on his own and spreading his creativity in all countries, from 1992. Founder of Michael Young Studio in Hong Kong, he is as interested in interior architecture as in high-tech design. or fashionable. From the Zip zip folded paper table edited by Established and Sonsto leather goods shops Mandarina Duck in Milan and Berlin, via the reinterpretation of the mythical Lacoste polo shirt, the design of the Sabar vibrator or the City Storm urban bike, nothing stops it. His series of works in woven steel wire “Steel Wire Woven Series” has enjoyed international success and is part of the collections of the Center Pompidou and the Louvre.

A fine example of Chinese design

Chinese industry often gets bad press. But Chinese design also offers virtuous models such as the firm Zens, founded in 2009, whose message is to “designing objects in harmony with modern life”. His creations inspired by nature highlight timeless values, secular activities such as the tea ceremony, a certain idea of ​​well-being and authenticity that speaks to everyone. Its “Asian Lifestyle products” and tableware pieces with graphic lines draw oval shapes or perfect spheres and are inspired by lotus leaves. Bed line, curtains, cushions, bags, cotton and linen slippers dyed in soft and gradient colors, immaculate porcelain vases, storage jars or clear glass carafe, bamboo trays, the objects pay homage to simple shapes and basic materials.

The new enlightened collection of Zens

Using the bambooa millennial and traditional material, their new and first lighting collection pays tribute to this plant with extraordinary growth. Designed by Michael Young, it connects two symbols of Asian aesthetics, bamboo and the Chinese art of paper from the east of the country. “The bamboo light range is designed as a way to raise awareness of local materials. Bamboo is a cultural icon in China, but it is not often used technically,” explains the designer. “It is important to understand the beauty that comes from the material. Each light has its own shape and life”…”The function of a light is to illuminate and create atmosphere, otherwise it is just a decoration”, further specifies Michael Young Michael Young has also designed a collection of iron and bamboo furniture and a line of porcelain tableware. And in 2019, the collaboration continues with a new collection of wooden furniture, modular carpets that can be adapted according to the size of the rooms, mirrors, vases… A real aesthetic and functional success!


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