The Gio Ponti year


Gio Ponti, architect of everyday life

He favored everyday living spaces, homes and workplaces. The furniture, he first designed it for himself. A very well-shod shoemaker, who worked for private clients as if he were working for himself and his own family.

In resonance with the “Tutto Ponti” exhibition at the MAD in Paris, here is “Vivere alla Ponti”, a evocation of the sweet life of the 1950s. “Architecture is an interpretation of life”wrote Gio Ponti. Both architect, painter, designer, teacher, writer and founder of the magazine Domus, Gio Ponti was interested in crafts, arts, technology and materials.

Gio Ponti, designer and decorator

The collection of Gio Ponti has been reissued by Molteni since 2012. Some pieces, never produced in series, were rediscovered and produced for the first time from this date. They now form a collection of 14 models published in 21 variants created between 1935 and 1970, called the Heritage Collection Molteni & C.

Gio Ponti, journalist and writer

“There are very interesting links between industry and art. The influences exerted by the first on the second are obvious and known to all.. Art fell in love with industry in an almost feminine impulse, and industry was included in the list of intellectual phenomena. (…) Today, most of the objects that surround us are created by industry, which imprints their character on them: industry therefore creates the style (…) and becomes the expression of our time (…) What is the secret of the industry? The identical and serial reproduction of a perfect model. The strengths of the industry lie in the in-depth and constant study of the model and in the possibility of gradually perfecting it with the help of science, money and current techniques without forgetting the artists,” wrote Gio Ponti, in 1932, in the magazine Domus, witness of his time, which he created in 1928. It is still published monthly and deals with architecture, design and art with a web version (

It was directed by other Italian architects and designers such as Mario Bellini or Alessandro Mendini. And in the 1950s, William Klein made many of his covers.

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