The dreaded suspicion: Are so-called animal lovers poisoning stray dogs?

The dreaded suspicion: Are so-called animal lovers poisoning stray dogs?

Stray dog ​​attacksWhile continuing to threaten the lives of citizens, 3 girls lost their lives in the last month.

Stray dogs, which have become the nightmare of children and young girls, ‘baby food begging‘ by the so-called animal associations and formations, violating the safety of citizens, they are persistently wanted to be kept on the streets.

Whenever there is a dog attack, there is a case of poisoning that day.

Who doesn’t care about the deaths of children and makes food a source of income so-called animal associationsnotably during periods of child mortality dog poisoning share cases.

Wherever there are cases of poisoning, they end there.

The so-called animal-loving organizations, among which some criminals are managers, “that stray stray dogs were poisonedIt does not go unnoticed that every event ends where it happened by claiming that.

Instead of taking them to the vet, they videotape the dying of dogs.

It is noteworthy that the so-called animal lovers watch the death of dogs while video recording the dying moments. dying animals who take videos of them instead of taking them to the vet and treating them so-called animal loversappealing to people’s emotions also raises doubts.

Even in the farthest corner, in the darkest corridors and in the darkest of night…

Somehow, the so-called animal lovers record the moments when stray dogs die in the dark of the night, on the mountain tops, in the darkest corridors, in the most remote areas.

On top of the mountain…

In the darkest halls…

In the darkest night at the top of the mountain… Even here they demand money

In the open field…

“Dogs are poisoned” propaganda in child deaths

While 3 deaths occurred in March, citizens reacted to the terrible increase in the number of stray dogs on social media. who want to suppress the reaction of the citizens so called animal loverson social media “There is a massacre in Gerede”, “Elazig case” He claimed that the dogs were poisoned by opening tags such as

They’re begging for food by saying “The dogs are being poisoned”

The so-called animal lovers, who recorded that the dogs were poisoned and it is unknown whether they took them to the vet, do not neglect to ask the citizens for help.

It is not known what the organizations that collect aid as platforms or animal associations do with the money they collect.

Stunning article from Fatih Çekirge: They make billions from cruelty to animals

On the other hand, journalist Fatih Çekirge, in Hürriyet last year “They make billions from animal cruelty‘ had revealed the dreaded workbench.

Grasshopper, created for animals Asian CoalitionHe wrote the workbench under dog poisoning cases by explaining the report shared by .

That article written by Fatih Çekirge on August 28:

I got goosebumps when I read the report. I hate it…

Created for ANIMALS Asian Coalition (AfA) published a very important report the other day…

The Asian Coalition consists of 22 animal rights organizations selected from different countries of the world. Therefore, the report it published is also valuable.

The most striking part of the report is Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok social media giants such ascruel to animals” monetized by videos.

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong.

These social media giants posted this “animal cruelty“He was making millions of dollars from the ads they put on his videos…


This is what AfA said on social media.bloody haul“He is establishing a commission to determine…

Social Media Animal Cruelty Commission… (SMACC)

This commission has been reviewing animal cruelty videos produced and posted on social media with a team of volunteer researchers over the course of 13 months.

As a result of the research:

Everything is documented, from strangling animals, deliberately breaking their limbs, killing mothers and taking their babies, and confronting animals in fights.

In just three months of 2020, YouTube earned $12 million from the sharing of these videos.

ATTENTION HERE: Those who shot or posted the videos earned $15 million.

Isn’t this a disgrace?


There’s more…

On social media platforms animal cruelty earning money from views by sharing and sharing 5 thousand 480 videos identified and documented. And about these videos 5 billion 350 million turns out to be watched.

They generate ad revenues according to these viewing rates.


One of the most striking parts of the SMACC report is as follows:

“Ads are often placed on cruelty content that makes money. Our researchers have documented that such ads belong to numerous companies and, surprisingly, some animal welfare and conservation associations, and some of them have since taken action. It should be noted that companies do not consent to ad placement and are often unaware of the ad feature in animal cruelty videos…”


Such a machine has been set up that…

So called “with a title that protests animal cruelty“They’re posting the video…

We animal lovers are watching and protesting. We even share…

That’s when viewership records are broken.

YouTube and Facebook also increase the millions of dollars of bloody game day by day with the ads they put at the beginning and end of the videos.

In the face of this despicable profiteering…

This structure, which is out of humanity and blinded by money and blood,hoot” I say…


All animal rights organizations in the world must stand up.

These social media giants the disgusting loom must be stopped.

It should be ensured that the advertisements they receive are turned into punishments more than once.

Yes, my animal lovers.

Let’s start with Turkey.

Social media giantsanimal crueltyLet’s protest his videos.

look at the animalThis is an advertisement that pretends to be reacting with the headline “”money trapLet’s showcase the videos.

Let’s complain about the ads on such videos…

Because this profiteering is one of the most immoral gains of our age…

I’m rebelling here.

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