Starving wild animals fed on tree branches

Starving wild animals fed on tree branches

After the snowfall stopped in the Beyşehir district center in the morning, the snow thickness, which reached 30 centimeters in the city center, approached the level of 60-70 centimeters in the mountainous areas and high areas. In the mountainous neighborhoods of Beyşehir, where small cattle breeding is common, the breeders could not spread their animals to open areas due to snowfall. The breeder Ahmet Şimşek, who raises sheep and goats in his barn next to his house in the Bademli District of Beyşehir, could not spread the mountain goats he raised to the mountainous areas, which he raised every day, because the tree branches were covered with a white sheet after the snowfall. Mountain goats, whose natural habitats were covered with snow, could not withstand the weight of snow and had to feed on broken tree branches.

Explaining that he took the goats out of the closed area to water the gutter in front of their house because of this, Ahmet Şimşek said, “We couldn’t go out because it snowed a lot on the mountain today. We water our animals in our gutter. Broken branches also become supplements.”

Stating that he has 64 mountain goats that he raised as a sacrifice, Şimşek emphasized that the snow thickness reaches 70-80 centimeters in the mountainous areas of Beyşehir and at high altitudes, and said, “We usually take our animals to the ern bush location above Yaka Monastery for propagation. But because of the snowfall today, I did not remove it when there was a lot of snow on the branches of the trees. From the indoor area, I took it outside to irrigate from the gutter in front of the house. But they love the buds on the snow-covered branches in front of the house, and they try to feed on it. Here, they play in the snow cover, quench their thirst, and eat the plants we put in front of them. Since these are mountain goats, they must gnaw something, they are trying to do this. They eat the buds of trees. This year mercy has been very good. Snow is always a blessing, it is a bit of a pain for us, but nothing happens without snow.”
On the other hand, freshwater fish hunters interrupted their fishing hours in Beyşehir district due to heavy snowfall.

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