Bold design, a global project philosophy


A complementary duo

They met at the ESAD in Reims, after, for one, a BAC applied arts and, for the other, a technical BAC. Between them, they have all the skills to pilot ideas with 4 hands. ” At ESAD, we have developed very different diploma projects: William chose experimental creation with glass blowers in the Dordogne. As for me, I made a survey within social organizations to imagine accommodation micro-architectures, aimed at combating poverty. And for 10 years, it is our differences that bring us together in the desire to combine our skills and varied experiences”, says Julien Benayoun.

An approach to 3D printing

In order to democratize and make known to as many people as possible the new 3D printing manufacturing technique, in full development, at the end of 2017 they organized a workshop at Habitat-Pont Neuf, as part of the “Habitat design Lab”. For about two weeks, they made, on order, for visitors, small office and bathroom accessories, boxes and various containers, production in live obliges! Because this industrial technique makes it possible to make personalized objects on demand and individually, without stock or large-scale production obligation. Much less restrictive than thermoplastic techniques which require the investment of a mould, thanks to the 3D printer, you can manufacture any shape in the desired quantity. And the machines offer objects of increasingly large dimensions: “ The thread deposit technique already offers a palette of varied tones. And today, we can work with yarns that look like concrete or ceramic, for a less plastic finish. »

Diversified activities

But the development of manufacturing with wire deposit 3D printing is only one axis of their thinking. ” We also realize global design and scenography projects, in particular with the collaboration of graphic designers. We don’t start from a blank page, but we work with companies to overhaul, redesign and re-industrialize their products. It is also a work of pedagogy, because today objects must be recycled, recyclable and meet standards. The philosophy of cradle to cradle leads us today towards the production of objects with a positive impact…”

Bold design:
100 Charenton Street,
75012 Paris.
Such. : 06 61 31 49 29
Email: [email protected]

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