Adonde, minimal design for maximum functions


A universal vision

They encountered in Nicaragua. In 2005, watching ceramic craftsmen work, they were seduced by the craftsmanship of potters and had the idea of ​​creating Cylinders a system of stackable containers for the table, which they have just reissued in new colors. “Handwork fits perfectly into our low-tech approach to design,” says Javier. And each object they publish is the result of a reflection on potential users, its ability to provide different services, to adapt to different universes and places of life, whether private or professional. Their dream, no doubt, create universal objects. Javier Gutierrez Carcache and Laurent Serin, private and professional couple, share the common vision ofimagine the design classics of tomorrow. And when you look in the same direction, you move forward… In 2013, they opened their shop in the Goutte d’Or district in Paris.

A design made to last

Le Corbusier designed standard objectswhich everyone could appropriate and which adapt to any interior. Adonde’s work is quite close to this approach. ” We are happy when a user prompts us with a new function that we hadn’t thought of, such as the night light function in a child’s room for the light box, a simple object that responds. All the objects thought out, studied and reflected that we create must have a durability. We do not publish so-called fashion products, in the trend that risk being ephemeral and obsolete in a few years, Explain Javier and Laurent who publish one creation per year, cultivate decline and de-consumption, to go to essential objects.

Reasoned manufacturing

Ecological perspective obliges, Adonde pays particular attention to the method of production chosen, the logistics and the transport of their objects. which must be light, easy to transport, move and made with a minimum of materials.We use local, non-polluting, natural, recyclable materials, certified woods and European standards, which we find on the production sites. The prototypes of the cylinder collection were made in Nicaragua, but production is now carried out in Portugal. And all our creations are made in France or in Europe… Adonde also makes custom creations in collaboration with architects and intervenes in space layouts. “We worked especially with the company Adverline to create a rest room for geeks of this company. This new challenge consisted in transforming a depressing volume located in the basement, into a colorful and bright relaxation room with bar, kitchen, sofa and modular rest area. This very stimulating project allowed us to stage our furniture and our ideas shared with those of the users who actively collaborated in the project! »

Contact :

8 Affre Street
75018 Paris
Such. : 09 52 07 42 36
Email: [email protected]

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